Friday, February 18, 2011

Good day with good friends!

Another beautiful sunny cold day on the water with steelhead on the line! Good memories with good friends. Thank you Tom and Doug, for your friendship, for the ways you love your kids and encourage others to do the same, and for another great day of fishing together!

Monday, February 14, 2011

What a day!

Took Andy and Mike out on the boat Saturday. The day was nothing short of miraculous. The mission was to get each of them their first steelhead to the net. We had tried back in November, we had a couple chances but lost each battle to the strength of the steelhead (see video on November 6 post). As we put on the water we sent up a prayer that went something like this; "Jesus, we're asking you for the gift of Mikey's first steelhead today... that would be sweet". We worked the first section of water all morning. It was flowing a bit high but we expected to get something. After all, we hadn't been skunked in this section of water all season. We didn't even get a single take. We only had a couple hours of fishing time left before we had to drop Mike off for a basketball game, so we continued down stream. And that's when it happened... Fish on! Then another. Then another. Then another. 16 fish later and fore arms burnin' we had to pull the plug and row for the take out. We were literally catching fish down to the last second when we had to stop because one more lengthy fish fight would mean Mike would miss his bus. It was the only time I would have been willing to exchange the raft for a motor boat to drop Mike off and get back up river! The day was quite a gift. I knew that Jesus loved fisherman and the practice of multiplying fish from the sea of Galilee. Now I know he's partial to steelhead too! :)